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Premium Content
Live Streaming

FanGraam features to grow your community

LIVE Streams

Create engaging and professional live videos and stream them to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Monetize YouTube

Start monetising your subscribers by sharing unlisted YouTube videos.

YOUR Marketplace

Sell your own products like Event Tickets, Digital Downloads, In-Person Zoom Meetings and much more!

Control Everything

You own your followers. Connect with them as you wish!

Growth Tools

Many more tools to engage and grow your own community!

Become a FanGraam creator

Monetizing creator content has become increasingly popular with the rise of digital content creation. Social Media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have been a great way for aggregating the audience but monetizing the influence is very difficult for content creators.

FanGraam provides the solution of engagement, and monetisation for content creators. Whether you are an instagrammer, YouTuber, Yoga Teacher, Music or Dance Teacher, Actor, Comedian or Fashion Influencer - you can build your community and host private and paid sessions, workshops, courses or classes with FanGraam.
  • What is FanGraam?
    • FanGraam is designed to help content creators create engaging content build loyal fans followers. The idea of FanGraam was born out of the content creator community as we interacted with content creators to understand their needs and understand what they really wanted to have on a social platform that will help them monetize their influence. FanGraam is a perfect combination of smart technology and real people, here to help you succeed. Our vision at FanGraam is to create a world where content realizes its real value. We believe that if you are good at something, never do it for free - people who create great content should get rewarded for their creative work.
  • How do I become a creator on FanGraam?
    • Anyone with a good following on social media can become a creator on FanGraam. Just register with us and we will approve content creators after verification of your profile.
  • Which category of creators can join FanGraam?
    • Any creator or professional who have their existing communities on other social media platforms can join FanGraam. You can be a social media influencer, a musician, a singer, a Yoga teacher, a fitness trainer, a teacher, an actor or a dancer. There is no limit!
  • How can I get an early access at FanGraam?
    • Please write to us at with links to your social media profiles (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.).
  • How do I earn money on FanGraam as a creator?
    • There are multiple ways you can earn money as a Creator. You can have weekly or monthly paid subscriptions for your followers, you can host paid LIVE streams, you can post exclusive paid content, you can host classes, you can create your own products (like event tickets, digital downloads, zoom meetings and more), you can start monetizing your subscribers by sharing unlisted YouTube videos. There is much more!